BALPE attends many trade fairs  

BALPE has an astonishing family history,

It is the strength of two complementary activities.

The crepe business of Les Délices de Landeleau, creperie which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year started in began in 1955 with Mrs Ernestine Balpe-Henri, who produced and sold her hand-made crepes, to the market town of Landeleau in Brittany, the region in France where crepe consumption per capita is without a doubt the highest in the world.

The CREPE MAKING MACHINES BUSINESS began in 1968, after helping his mother to automate the production, Mr Michel BALPE, launched the manufacture of crepe-making machines and filed the patents. For some years he has been nominated president of the board in BALPE S.A.S.
Always with the same concerns for rigour and performance, his daughter Nathalie BALPE today assures the development of the activity, assisted by a qualified team.

A desire to remain frontrunners:

An effort for continuous development; innovation is one of the solutions we provide for specific requests from customers.
Particular care is given to the quality of our equipment; machines are tested and approved by customers before they are dispatched.

A desire to be on all markets
A very strong local, national and international presence as the machines are sold in over 40 countries (over 50% of turnover is generated with exports). Word of mouth contributes to the success of our company, resulting from the notoriety and reliability of our company.

Undeniable savoir-faire regarding crepe manufacturing, thanks to our initial business.
A certain advantage as our own creperie acts as a life-size laboratory; customers can see part of our production lines, and we can also test their ingredients and recipes under real conditions. Some prototypes are also tested.

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